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Is it Worth Getting a Poker Coach? Here’s the Truth – Poker Fortress

Getting a poker coach has become a new standard in accelerating your poker game to another level. But how much of this is just the hype that is around on poker world, and how many players do

The Ultimate Guide – Poker Fortress

You are for a treat today. I have put together the most extensive guide on playing weak Ax hands. Ace-rag is a hand that gets misplayed the most from novice players, preflop and post-flop. Most money gets

Are Multi-Table Tournaments Profitable? Tips, Tricks, and Strategies – Poker Fortress

Whether you’re playing your first tournament or you have already played several thousand of them, you probably questioned yourself: “Are multi-table tournaments profitable?” or “does it pay off to invest so much time to play MTTs?” The

A Must-Read Guide – Poker Fortress

It’s in the nature of poker tournaments that at some point, you will find yourself playing with the short stack. Fewer players remain and closer to the final table you are; more players, including you, will be

A 14-Step Routine – Poker Fortress

If you are playing just to pass the time and have fun, it’s completely okay. Sit at the table and enjoy yourself. But if you are in it to win it – and not just at that

8 Reasons Poker Players Wear Sunglasses – Poker Fortress

If you’re watching a live poker tournament, chances are you’ll find a few players wearing sunglasses at the table. Newbies do it, and pros do it. Since the poker boom of early 2000, several fashion trends have

Menjalankannya Dua Kali Tidak Akan Mempengaruhi EV. Inilah Yang Sebenarnya Dilakukan – Poker Fortress

Menjalankannya dua kali sangat populer untuk roller tinggi. Tetapi dalam beberapa tahun terakhir tren ini telah menjadi populer di taruhan kita sehari-hari juga. Saya dapat melihat banyak pemain memilih untuk menjalankannya dua kali, tetapi ada beberapa yang

How to Play Poker With 3 Players – Poker Fortress

Poker is a brilliant game that can be played with a wide number of different players. You can have large tables with a dozen players, or it can simply be a head-to-head gaarme between two players. With

Peluang Menang dengan Pocket Queens (QQ) – Termasuk Grafik – Poker Fortress

Pocket Queens (QQ) adalah tangan awal yang bagus. Ini adalah tangan terbaik ketiga di preflop Texas Holdem. Hanya Aces dan Kings di depannya. Ace-King hampir membalik dengan QQ tetapi masih gagal. Dan melawan semua kombinasi tangan lainnya,

How to Use a VPN to Play Online Poker – Poker Fortress

Any true poker fanatic knows just how much online poker has changed the face of the game. Now with practically unlimited access to poker, some states have placed restrictions on online gambling sites. That’s where using a