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How to Tell if a Poker Chip Is Real – Poker Fortress

Poker chips are the currency that we use when playing poker, and it’s also how we determine who wins the game. When you’re in a casino, the more chips you have, the higher stakes you can play.

What Does Muck Mean in Poker? – Poker Fortress

Despite poker’s popularity, many enthusiasts still don’t fully understand many of its terms. Being familiar with poker slang is a crucial part of learning the game because it helps you relate to commentaries on televised matches, courses,

Which Game Is Harder to Master? – Poker Fortress

Poker and chess are two of the oldest games that we’ve been playing for centuries. Both are entertaining mind games that rely on skills to outplay the other player. But when someone is thinking about which of

What Does It Mean to Call In Poker? – Poker Fortress

There are only four legal moves that players can do in poker: check, call, raise, and fold. Call and raise are the only two that remain constant throughout the game. But have you ever asked yourself what

What Is a Rake In Poker? – Poker Fortress

We know that it’s stating the obvious, but casinos are businesses that need to make money—when players lose games, the casino makes money. But have you ever wondered how casinos make money when players try to beat

4 States Where Online Poker Is Legal (2020) – Poker Fortress

Poker is the most popular card game in the US, but only a handful of states legalize and regulate online poker. To make things worse, the law for online gambling is too ambiguous that it doesn’t clearly

How Much Do Poker Players Make a Year? – Poker Fortress

One of the catalysts for the poker boom is the massive earning potential. The idea of making millions playing a card game thrilled millions of enthusiasts worldwide. But do poker players really make the amount of money

What Is Zone Poker? – Poker Fortress

All poker players can agree that the wait time between folding and drawing the next hand can be excruciating. Imagine mucking your hand preflop, then stare at the table, looking at all the action, hoping that it

What Is Tilt in Poker? Emotions and Playing Without Control – Poker Fortress

Many things can affect your game’s outcome, such as your skills, luck, and emotions. However, there is one pitfall that many professionals always warn beginners never to fall into—tilt. It’s the single, most significant factor contributing to

What Is an Angle Shoot in Poker? – Poker Fortress

Poker is a game where you’ll find exceptional players who can outplay their opponents using dominating strategies. But it’s also where you see players who will do anything, even if it means playing marginally within the rules.